Walking down Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park, you’ll be hard pressed to find a spot that doesn’t contribute its own spin on flavor to the neighborhood. BIG & little’s is no exception. With prime eats, a convenient location, and great staff, it’s easily a Chicago local favorite.

Walk in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all three because we’re not here to judge, only enable) and you’re likely to get a booming greeting from Omar, head honcho and gastronome extraordinaire whose suggestions are tried, true, and unbelievably spot-on.

Mango Chutney Taco
Mango Chutney Taco

 BIG & little’s offers up options for every palate and craving, from colorfully crafted seafood tacos to burgers and fries that challenge your casual relationship with other burger joints. Everything is served up to maximize the flavor profile, with three house sauces that let you to shake up any order. Opt for the Special Sauce (chilli aiolo,) Samurai Sauce (soy based sweet sauce) or the Spicy Thai Sauce (sweet & spicy chilli sauce) or ask for all three and just go crazy with your order of truffle fries. The world is your fish taco.

Soft shell crab sandwich
Soft shell crab sandwich

 Just a stone’s throw from the the Division blue line or right off the Milwaukee bus, there’s always room to sit with a group and plenty of beer options to make it the first stop of your evening plans. It’s the ideal fast-casual spot that doesn’t shame your bank account into only subsidizing bricks of ramen, and a no-brainer when you have a hankering for tasteful variety.

 Whether you’re looking for something light and quick or planning to devour the Midwest’s imported seafood supply, you’re always in good company at BIG & little’s. Just don’t forget to invite us along.

The Platform recc’s:

Jeff: Samurai taco. It’s a whirlwind of fried whitefish, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, special sauce, samurai sauce, lime Juice, and sesame seeds.

Jessica: Poke Tuna Crunch Wrap. Hugged close and dearly in a flour burrito wrap, filled with sashmi ahi tuna, white rice, mixed greens, ginger, fried tortilla, special sauce, samurai sauce, and zesty wasabi sauce.

Diana: Mango Chutney taco. So (so) flavorful and artfully combined with seared shredded pork, pickled red onions, cilantro, mango chutney.


BIG & little’s

1310 N Milwaukee Ave


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