Platform Coworking Ravenswood member Zach Miller likes to “play with power tools” when he’s not working for software development company, 42 Lines, and his custom-designed and -constructed treadmill desk proves it.

Miller decided to come up with a way to stay healthy and active while coworking. Hence, his creation. You know you want one! Interested? Here’s more info on the treadmill desk trend.

“I found that working at a standing desk gave me a sore back because I slouch too much, but it’s impossible to slouch when I’m walking,” says Miller as to why he took on the project. “I walk about one mile per hour and have no problem typing or focusing on my screen when I do. In any given work day I probably walk four to six miles.”

Here’s more about the work Zach does at 42 Lines (while exercising–genius!): “We develop custom software, primarily on the web and mobile devices, focusing on scalability, adaptability, and simplicity. Projects include web applications for online learning management, mobile web and mobile app creation, content management and distribution, payroll systems, scheduling and auditing of resources, e-commerce, development for embedded devices, creation of web frameworks, distributed installation software, compiler optimizations, GUI tools for rapid application prototyping, and monitoring software for high-traffic sites.”



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