Raise your hand if you’re currently working from home. Now take a good look around you. What do you see? The dog, child who home sick from school, a pile of dishes, the list goes on and on. Know what you don’t see? A community of professionals who are also working.

Don’t get us wrong, working from home can be great sometimes! However, if you want to buckle down and get sh*t done you need a desk in a quiet room. A community who are also focused can help too! Isn’t that why they said go to the library in college?

Our resident desks are the perfect home office away from home. A private room with 12 desks and your very own lockable filing cabinet is all you need! Bring your desktop and voila! You have yourself a mini home office.

Come by Platform for a tour and check out our resident desks for $290/month (originally $390/month).


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