For some of you, doing business in a coworking space is old hat by now, something you’ve done to great effect or at least considered.

Gone are the days when your only choices were to work out of your home or pony up for an expensive office and all the attendant expenses. These days, many opt for a third option: to work in a modern, comfortable space with other professionals. That option is no longer confined to those in the tech start-up world. Rather, we find that there are numerous professions that can benefit from coworking. That basically includes anyone who needs a dedicated workspace but doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it.

We’ve been in the coworking game for years now, dating back to when our CEO, Jeff Park, decided he’d had enough of working from home and looked for a few others with whom to share an office. Those first office-mates came and went as their lives and careers took them elsewhere, but their empty seats were quickly filled anew and Park outgrew successive spaces. The demand firmly set, Park had basically grown into a coworking space before the term was even coined. Then, he took a leap of faith, moving down the street and opening Platform Coworking’s Ravenswood location in 2012. His sense that a new kind of workspace was required in today’s work-from-anywhere economy was spot on and he opened another location in Wicker Park in 2014.

You’ll find we have no hidden agenda at Platform Coworking. Our only purpose is to provide a range of options for those looking to have a work life separate from the home and/or a place to call home when not out on the road making sales calls, etc.

So, welcome to our blog. We’ll be letting you know what’s going on here at Platform Coworking, but also sharing news about our clients and the neighborhoods in which we live. At our core, we are a community space full of the same character as the neighborhoods in which we are based. Take the time to see what we’re all about and, if you’re an existing client, keep an eye on this blog to help you learn more about the neighborhood in which you work—from restaurant and nightlife options to local non-profits and neighborhood-wide events.

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