Welcome to Platform!!

Whether you’re new here or want a refresher, here is some information you may find helpful. Our community managers are here part-time so you could be here when they’re not. That’s ok! If you need anything, please send us an email: 4422@platformcoworking.com. You can even call the owner, Rob (773) 259-2812.

If you’re here from Deskpass or another platform, you can also book directly with us if you’d like.  

WiFi password is: envelope4422

The building code is *1946 and you can use your personal door code to enter into Platform

We have a Slack channel!

We have a Slack channel that you can join; even if you’re just here for the day! You don’t have to contribute anything but you can stay up to date with anything that may be shared. 

Phone Rooms and Conference Room

The phone rooms are on a first come basis so if a room is open, feel free to snag it. For the conference room, you can step in there if it’s open but if you’d like to book a meeting, please do so here. 

Join our Member Wall!!  – we would love to get to know you so fill this out and we will print your information! 

Where can I sit?


If you’re a Flex member, Deskpass or any other member that’s here for the day, you can sit in any of the flex area desks. You can also sit at any of the couches, chairs or other areas throughout the entire space. There are permanent desks on the other side but there are also alternative seating areas over there so don’t be afraid to explore! 


So you can best find your way around, below are some images. Don’t be afraid to brew some coffee in the pot if there’s nothing there. We pride ourselves on good coffee so have at it!