As we watch the changing metrics surrounding the public health situation in Chicago, we’d like to reiterate our commitment to safety measures within our space:

  • All spaces continue to be regularly cleaned, throughout the week.
  • We have deployed both automatic sanitizer gel dispensers at each location, along with hand sanitizer spray bottles.
  • HVAC systems are on an accelerated filter replacement schedule, along with regularly scheduled maintenance .
  • To the extent possible, doors are opened to promote cross ventilation.
  • 50% of all desks and chairs remain removed from service to reduce capacity.
  • Outside booking platforms have been restricted until further notice.

Should circumstances warrant, access may be restricted again between the hours of 6pm and 6am. Although the need has not yet arisen, we are prepared to conduct contact tracing among our members by using door entry logs.

As always, we strongly encourage our members to always wear masks, stay out of the phone booths, minimize time spent in the kitchen, and to notify the staff should you test positive or exhibit symptoms of covid-19, and quarantine for at least 10 days from the first onset of symptoms.